Naka-zashiki (Spare Room) Building

The Spare Room Building is located between the central building and the building in which Akitake Tokugawa’s wife lived, with the kitchen on the east side. The only entrance to this building is on the west side so there is little exposure to light. In addition, we can see from the configuration inside that this building has a lower rank than those used to welcome guests. We have learned from an examination of the shape of the roof that this building is an extension. For reasons unknown, it appears that an extension was added a little forcibly to fill an empty space.

Akitake Tokugawa’s six children were born in Tojo-tei House. Not all of them lived in Tojo-tei House full time, but an increase in the number of children would have created a need for additional rooms. The status of children in Japan at that time was lower than that of guests to Tojo-tei House, so taking this into consideration, it is possible that the Spare Room Building was an extension built for children.