Shishanoma (Envoy’s Quarters)Buildings

The staff of important guests (e.g. the Imperial Family and members of the nobility) and companions of guests with a high social status entered into the house using a side entrance to the south of the formal entrance. They were then shown to this building. They would then wait here until they had conveyed their message or their master had finished his business.

The pillars of the rooms used by guests are high grade without being made from the central part of a tree trunk. However, the pillars in this building are fragile because they are made from the central trunk section. The parts facing externally are intentionally cracked in certain places in order to avoid irregular breaks. The floorboards of the lower closet on the south side of the room are made from a beautiful single plank of zelkova. High-quality timber like this would not normally be used to make closets. Bats decorate the “ranma” that separate the rooms, and are believed to invite good fortune.

This building was sold and relocated in 1946. However, half a century later it was donated back to Matsudo City by the owner and restored to its original state.