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In compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (law number 57 of May 30, 2003), Pijin Co., Ltd. and its affiliate companies ("we") handle personal information with great care, and have a manager assigned to ensure personal information is controlled and protected appropriately.

1. Definition of Personal Information
  • The term "Personal Information" refers to information that uniquely identifies a service user ("you") who has provided such information, including your name, address, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address.
2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
  • When creating an account to use the services on this website and when making an inquiry, Personal Information, including name, address, nationality, sex, telephone number and e-mail address are inputted. We collect that information for the following purposes:
  • (1) To provide you with reliable services.
  • (2) To provide you with important notifications and other communications.
  • (3) To provide you with information about new services we are providing.
  • (4) For statistical purposes.
3. Disclosure to Third Parties
  • We do not disclose Personal Information to third parties, except in the below cases. In cases where we provide Personal Information to a third party, we first sign a confidentiality agreement with that third party and monitor the third party to ensure confidentiality is maintained.
  • (1) When you give us permission to do so.
  • (2) When providing or disclosing the Personal Information is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • (3) When doing so is necessary to protect the life, physical well-being or property of an individual, and we determine that obtaining consent from you would not be possible due to the urgent nature or other circumstances of the situation.
  • (4) In situations when it is especially necessary to improve the public health or promote the healthy nurture of children, and it is difficult to obtain your consent.
  • (5) When required to do so in order to cooperate in the execution of a duty by a national agency, a local entity, or a party entrusted thereby as provided by law, and obtaining consent would or might hinder the execution of that duty.
4. Secure Management Measures for Personal Information
  • We implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information, as well as leaks, loss and damage to Personal Information, and to take corrective actions when required.
5. Changing, Correcting and Deleting Personal Information
  • If you request that we make a change, correction or deletion of your Personal Information, we will handle that request within a reasonable scope.
6. Disclosure of Personal Information
  • If you request disclosure of your own Personal Information, we will respond to that request in a prompt manner within a reasonable scope after confirming your identity using appropriate methods.
7. About Cookies
8. Disclaimer
  • We do not have control over and cannot bear any responsibility for the protection of Personal Information on other websites that are linked from this website.
9. Privacy Policy Updates
  • We strive to respond to the changes in society in how we handle Personal Information. In doing so, we strive to make improvements in our operations, including modifications, corrections and additions to our policies and rules as needed.
10. Privacy Policy Contact Information
  • For inquiries pertaining to notifications about the handling and purpose of use of Personal Information, and procedures for the disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use and suspension of providing Personal Information to third parties, as well as complaints concerning the handling of Personal Information, please contact our Personal Information Protection Manager as below.
Company name Pijin Co., Ltd.
Personal Information
Protection Manager
Takao Yano, Administrative Scrivener
Himawari Legal Office
Contact information Fifth Floor, Rice Sakae Building
2-5-3 Konakadai, Inage-ku, Chiba 263-0043
Phone: (043) 301-5091
Fax: (043) 301-5092
Electronic mail:
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